Grease Lock filter benefits

Increases Fire Safety

Grease Lock filters capture the grease before entering the exhaust system. This greatly reduces the contaminants that enter the exhaust hood, duct work, fans, and roofs; therefore helping to reduce the risk of a catastrophic fire.

Reduces Hood Cleanings

Hood and duct cleaning is reduced by nearly 75% of the current cleaning frequency…less frequent cleaning means less inconvenience, labor, and expenses. For 24 hour kitchens, it also means less business interruption.

Saves Labor

Many commercial kitchens clean their baffle filters nightly, weekly, etc. Utilizing Grease Lock filters, the metal baffle filters need to be cleaned can be reduced up to once a month.

Saves Water & Chemicals

Reducing the current exhaust/hood cleaning schedule along with reduced baffle filter cleanings greatly reduces the amount of water and chemicals used to maintain a clean system

Increases Roof Life

Grease Lock captures the grease before it enters the exhaust system, reducing the grease particles emitting through the rooftop fan. The necessity of rooftop containment systems is virtually eliminated. This can result in cost savings while potentially extending the life of the roof itself.​

Compostable & Sustainable

Grease Lock filters are all natural. The filter media is carbon-neutral and will breakdown in the landfill along with the internal support frame.​