Estimate your cost savings with Grease Lock vs. traditional hood cleanings without Grease Lock

Avg. is 4 times per year

National Avg. is $550

Nightly = 30; Twice a week = 8; Weekly = 4

$ of Additional annual grease management costs; Rooftop grease containment, roof cleanings, HVAC repairs, etc.

Annual Labor Savings


Annual Hood Cleaning Savings


Install Cost


Estimated Monthly
Filter Pad Cost


The following is the list of assumptions: Reduces Hood Cleanings
Hood and duct cleaning is reduced to about 25% of the current cleaning frequency…less frequent cleaning means less inconvenience, labor, and expenses. For 24 hour kitchens, it also means less business interruption. (75% hood cleaning reduction, Metal frame cleanings reduced to 1x/month, 1 hour to clean metal frames at $12/hr, 75% reduction is additional grease management costs, Filter pad price of $5/unit, NFPA 96 Inspections at $100/visit)